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Why Hess Travel Ethiopia?
-Well organized structure
-Computerized system of communication
-Highly refined and well versed management
-Most importantly its experienced, specialized and multi lingual guides and drivers
-Our well organized workshop with shelves of spare parts
-Our fleet of buses and minibuses
-Our fleet of Toyota 4 x 4 challenge ready cars

A country with one of the richest histories in our continent - AFRICA, with its wealth of ancient Churches and Monasteries, Castles, Palaces as well as unique wildlife, birds and marvelous scenery - the 4624 meter peak of Ras Dashen in the Semien mountains. Its Rift Valley lakes, rivers and natural beauty.

There are over 80 ethnic groups and as many languages. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the oldest in Africa.

It has a history that reaches back to the time of prehistoric man, to the 3000 years old history of Axum, the temple of Yeha, a series of rock hewn churches built by king Lalibela of the Zeghwe dynasty in the 12th century, which are now categorized as one of the wonders of the world, and the medieval castles of the Emperors of Gonder, which was capital of Ethiopia from the 17th to 19th centuries.


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