The Trinity Cathedral
A Mountain overlooking a wide area of lowland, Entoto was primarily the temporary settlement Menelik II chose for security reasons. It is still a very important criteria in selecting a place to establish a Royal Palace.
The Capital Addis
Lion  of Judha
But later on Empress Taitu, the wife of Menelik II, attracted by the hot water springs down in Finfine (Addis Ababa) constructed a small residence (palace) with permission from King Menelik. In the year 1886-87 developed the area to be Addis Ababa. The King approved it to be the capital city of Ethiopia later on and moved his residence there and the higher officials followed.
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Entoto Saint Mary Church

The church was built in 1882 by Emperor Menelik for his wife Empress Taitu. Their coronation took place in this church in 1889. The interior is decorated with mural paintings depicting the saints and angels histories.

Entoto Saint Mary Church Markato National Museum
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