Ethiopia is a country of endless diversity. HESS TRAVEL offers you the opportunity to discover, among other interesting tourists attractions, some of Ethiopia's most colorful customs and religious ceremonies.

Many people visit Ethiopia, attracted by the remarkable manner in which ancient historical traditions have been preserved. Indeed, the ancient churches with their unique wall paintings, colorful ceremonies and rituals offer insights into the authentic world of the Old Testament. In no other country is it possible to find yourself so dramatically transported back in time or to participate with such freedom in the sacred rituals of a very ancient faith.

Ethiopia history goes back to the legendary history of the Queen of Sheba who went to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon from whom she bore a child named Menelik, the first king of Ethiopia and the founder of the Solomonic Dynasty (1000 BC).

Hess Travel Ethiopia (HTE) was founded eight years ago. The Ethiopian company was established by the Ethiopian General Manager Wro. Agouagou Mekuria (Francophone). Mr Fredy Hess, son of Wro. Agouagou, is the sales and marketing manger. Fredy is a Swiss trained, highly qualified tour operator and guide. Mr Herman Hess, father of Fredy Hess and cofounder of the company, is the workshop manager. There is obviously an international image about the company which makes it more accessible for the international community.

The overall responsibility rests mainly on the general manager whose very wide and valuable experience in management and administration in international institutions, both locally and abroad, have contributed alot in making this company what it is today. Hess Travel Ethiopia is one of the best, if not the very best, of all the tour operating companies in Ethiopia. The company handles hundreds of tourists a year. Our clients are mainly European, but of late more and more people are coming from Far East and Latin American countries too.

Hess employees are efficient, courteous and caring. Our guides are fluent in foreign languages such as. German, English, French and Italian as well as local languages.

Hess Travel Ethiopia (HTE) is well equipped with a range of reliable and insured vehicles including buses, minibus, Land-cruisers 4x4, etc. It can also provide the necessary staff and camping materials for trekking and adventurous expedition tours.

Make HESS TRAVEL your choice and you can be sure your visit to Ethiopia will be enjoyable and memorable !

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